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A brief story about me and God

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
   before you were born I set you apart;
   I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”  
Jeremiah 1.5

Since I was a child God has taken care of me. I was born in a very little town in the very countryside of Pernambuco state, Brazil. To be more specific, not a town but a very little village named, at the time, Pau-Ferro that means in English stone-wood. It was about the beginning of the past century. Along the years Pau-Ferro has increased a lot and received the name Itaíba.
In Itaíba my parents fought hardly to create eight kids. Northeast region of Brazil has rain In a few period of year.
In 1974, I came to this world.  In my first few days I got a terrible bronchitis due to which I almost died. In Itaíba there was no hospital and I had to be rescued on a chariot pulled by a horse. In my mother's mind was the memory of previous births in which she lost the children. There was nothing to do but believe in God without knowing Him. At that time we were not Christians but a few years later my mother told me that the midwife who delivered my hand when I was born was a christian. I'm sure she introduced me to the Lord at the exact moment I was born.
After a few miles of travel we arrived at the hospital. The doctor told my mother that there was nothing else to do, because it was too late.I could no longer breathe. My mother took me in his arms and took me back home to die there. But when God has something to accomplish in our life, it does. I gradually went back to breathe and expel secretions from the lungs. 
Hopes were returning. My mother proceeded to give me a bit of syrup. I was healed.

A few years ago I met Jesus and now I am a pastor. God gave me a beautiful wife (Simone) and two children, Isabella and Jonhathas. We are very happy serving the Lord and I thank Him every day for all that He do in our lives ...

Mateus Silva

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